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Who is Ecoparents?

Ecoparents is owned by Nanny Gortzak, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in The Netherlands. Nanny lived and worked for 17 years in the United States. Nanny believes that parents who want to make responsible choices regarding their baby, need to have easy access to information. This site tries to offer a combination of articles related to breastfeeding and parenting and links on the internet to high quality websites.

About Nanny

Nanny Gortzak is born and raised in The Netherlands, where she received her formal education. She obtained a masters' degree in human nutrition at the Agricultural University in Wageningen. Nanny is also trained as a health education teacher. Since 1997, Nanny is working with breastfeeding families and since 2001, Nanny has a private practice as a lactation consultant. Starting in 2014, Nanny returned to The Netherlands, taking with her years of experience working with clients with different cultural backgrounds.

Nanny is a member of several breastfeeding organizations: La Leche League, the International Lactation Consultant Association,and several local breastfeeding organizations. Nanny contributed for more than ten years to the largest e-magazine on parenting in The Netherlands, where she wrote about breastfeeding topics. She also is a contributing editor for "New Beginnings", the breastfeeding magazine for La Leche League. Nanny developed several course curricula on health topics.

Disclaimer: The Ecoparents website provides information only and should not be used to replace professional advise.


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