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Babywearing, a solution to many problems

Many mothers find, that her baby is happy as long as she is carrying her. They sleep well as long as they are on your lap, or at least can feel you. For a lot of mothers, this can give an idea of being glued to the couch because of the baby and this feeling may make you uncomfortable.

With my first baby, I would take out an old bed sheet and tie it around my shoulder. I put the baby in and there he was, happy as could be. I could go on doing my things in the house and we both felt much better. I did not think of taking him out in this way, being a bit ashamed that I would carry my baby around in an old bed sheet.

When preparing for the arrival of my second baby, I bought myself a nice tie sling. From the first day I left my home after he was born, I would carry him in my sling and we both loved it. There was one problem: when papa was taking over the load during a walk, we had to re-adjust the knot. The solution came when I found out that there are adjustable slings on the market. Since then, I carried around the little ones in both my tie sling and the adjustable sling. When I started my business, selling slings was number one on my list. No mother can do without it, mothers with more children even more so.

Why wear a baby?

The advantages of wearing your baby are numerous. You can make an unhappy baby happy. It will give you more space to move around without while your baby is still attached to you and you have your hands free. This will make you as a parent happy. Because most slings take up little room, parents can easily go somewhere with just a clean diaper and the sling, making going on a trip lighter. Think of airports: with a baby in a sling and a rolling suitcase, going on a plane is a breeze (I have done it several times!). On the way, the sling can serve as a blanket to put your baby on when you need to put him down.

When your baby spits up after a feeding and seems to do better when in an upright position, a sling is a perfect tool to achieve this. By using an upright position while wearing him in a sling, the baby can keep the milk down and you can go around with your regular business.

Mothers on the go know the value of a sling when running errands. To take a baby out of a car seat and into a sling works faster than putting him in a stroller. Also, the feel of a warm baby helps to keep baby asleep even when transitioned from the seat into the sling. This can make life of a mother who is taking other kids to school a whole lot easier.

Breastfeeding mothers have figured out several positions to nurse the baby in the sling. Nursing in public will go unnoticed this way. It may need some practice in the beginning, but ones you get the idea, you are done with "waiting until baby wakes and gets a feeding". I have nursed my babies in the sling wherever I went and no one noticed!

Do you feel that you have to protect your newborn like a mother bear? Use a sling. With your baby in a sling, people are less inclined to touch her, because touching her requires them to be in close contact with you and of course they ask you for permission. This prevents baby from unintentionally catching colds from adults around you, which is a direct health benefit. Same is true for offering baby something to eat: when your baby is in a sling in stead of in a stroller, chances of them being offered food that is inappropriate for them are small.

Because babies like to be carried around in a sling, you can simply pick up your baby and put him in a sling when you enter a dangerous situation. I remember a story of a mother, who lost her baby during a severe weather condition, but luckily, her baby was found by an emergency crew member. When a friend of mine was facing a hurricane and making preparations to go to a safe spot, I was thinking of this story and I recommended my friend taking her baby in the sling and not take her out, until all danger was over. She did so and after a few weeks, during which we all wondered what happened to her and her family, she send an e-mail with her story of the hurricane and she mentioned how glad she was to have the sling with her and put her baby in it when the situation became unsafe. If your would like to meat mothers who are carrying their baby's, connecting with an attachment parenting group may be a good start. Also, you can contact Nanny at 949-8563058 to make an appointment to try several slings.

Something to think about

When you buy or make a sling, make sure that the fabric is sturdy enough to hold your baby. Also, if your sling has rings or a clip, this should be strong enough and not be able to break or pop open.

If you are not sure what kind of sling works best for you, try out several types before you buy one. Some slings come in sizes. If you are not sure what size fits best, buy one in a physical store where you can try it out. Also, when talking one on one with the sales person, you will get hand on help on how to use one.


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