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Lunapads are cloth menstrual pads that last several years. By using Lunapads, you save natural resources and money. Lunapads are designed to wear in your regular underwear. They come in different styles and sizes: long pads for heavy flow and nights, regular maxi and mini pads for light flow or to be used as panty liner.

Lunapads long and regular maxi come with extra liners, which helps you get through the day withour having to change the whole pad. The amount of laundry you create by using reusable pads is therefore minimal.

Lunapads are sold in a durable plastic pouch that makes taking the pads with you wherever you go easy.

If you want to learn more about Lunapads, you can make an appointment with Nanny. Take the opportunity to look and feel the Lunapads yourself in a quite environment. Lunapads are now available in Irvine, California.

For information or an appointment to learn more about Lunapads, contact Nanny or call 949-8563058.

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